Intellecture Training offers questioning skills classes and consultation specifically designed to improve your ability to acquire complete and accurate information through one-on-one interviews.​ If your job utilizes questioning to obtain and retain customers, gather information, communicate between employees, or interact with the public …this content is specifically for you.

Intellecture Training is a Certified Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

Certified Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business - DUNS, CAGE, NAICS, CALIFORNIA DVBE, FEDERAL CONTRACTING

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Who is Intellecture intended for?


Legal Professionals

Judges, prosecutors, investigators, attorneys, paralegals, and law clerks all communicate with others in various scenarios where one-on-one communication skills are paramount. Intellecture Training has classes specifically designed to enhance their ability to gather information from interactions that take place in the office or in the courtroom.


Public Employees

Law enforcement officers, government employees, medical practitioners, and military servicemembers make the same mistakes in questioning that we all make. For them, the stakes are much higher. Yet police questioning, public queries, patient-centered interviews, and tactical questioning all have the same basic principles in common. These principles are the root of our signature class, Basic Questioning.

Private Professionals

Private Professionals

Whether you own a business or run a non-profit, your organization is likely losing money, time, and customers due to poor questioning skills. Intellecture Training will significantly improve your one-on-one communication. Gathering accurate and complete information will be the key difference in increasing employee efficiency and will save you money.

Why Intellecture?

The Psych Factor. There are psychological factors in everything we do. The majority of us barely acknowledge them if we are even aware. This leads to countless mistakes, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities. At Intellecture Training, psych factors are the heart of our operation. We teach psych factors in human exchanges and they are the driving force in our teaching methods. This eliminates any useless information you would receive from a regular school and enhances how you receive the helpful material. Thus, you will have a dramatically better chance of applying the information with maximum effect.

Save Lives

Intellecture Training courses will help you eliminate communication mistakes that can have severe consequences. Our techniques will significantly increase your chances of a positive outcome.

Save Time

Intellecture will help you decrease the time it takes to acquire information and eliminate the need to go back and fix or seek further information after initial questioning.

Save Money

Businesses waste significant amounts of money as poor communication causes organizational misunderstandings. Intellecture will replace liability risks with assets.


With roots in U.S. military human intelligence, Intellecture Training combines the dimensions of advanced educational tools and the perspective of a seasoned interrogator, source operator, and tactical debriefer to create classes that benefit anyone who needs to gather information from others through one-on-one interactions.

Basic Questioning

With the objective of acquiring accurate and complete information, Basic Questioning gives the student an awareness of when and how they are using poor questioning techniques. After this is achieved, a new mental framework is implemented that simplifies the questioning process and produces an expert questioner. The result is an ability to get accurate and complete information in a very efficient manner… no matter the scenario.

Learn to:

  • Become More Self-Aware

  • Apply Excellent Questioning Fundamentals

  • Address Assumptions

  • Understand How the Environment Affects the Interviewee’s Answers

  • Take Excellent Notes

Law Interview Class Suite

The field of law is a competitive one with many of the best attorneys constantly looking for an edge that will set them apart from their peers. To the untrained eye, the best schools provide excellent one-on-one communication training for the purpose of acquiring information. To the trained eye, however, there is a significant lack of interview skills across the board in regards to attorney training and experience only leaves room for bad habits to be bred.

Intellecture Training has created a scale for observing your skills as they correlate to exceedingly more complex interview techniques. Our courses can help you achieve these levels and become an expert questioner, no matter the circumstance via our Law Interview Course Suite, Coaching, and Consultation services.

Questioning in Law

In the field of law, questioning is used in a diverse set of scenarios that can be the difference between winning or losing a case. This class simplifies the questioning process and dramatically enhances the chances of the user acquiring accurate and complete information from circumstances ranging from client intake to taking depositions. This class is designed for attorneys, yet it is relevant to all law workers to include paralegals and legal assistants.

1 Hour

Learn to:

  • Observe Mistakes in Questioning

  • Use Superior Questioning Techniques

  • Apply the Four Elements of Good Questioning​

  • Address Assumptions​

  • Manipulate the Environment​

  • Take Excellent Notes​

Body Language

Do you know when someone is lying to you? Statistically, about 1/3 of the time you are right. Significantly increase your ability to detect deception with this 1-hour class. Learn the most reliable methods of reading body language, how to control the environment, how to command your own non-verbal communication, and best practices for dealing with deception.

1 Hour

Learn to:

  • Establish a Baseline

  • I.D. Body Language Factors

  • Detect Deception

  • Control the Environment

  • Overcome Deception

Keep your skills sharp by observing the various signs of deception in this video:

Elicitation and Persuasion

At times, lawyers may need to gather information in a less-than-direct manner. Other times, they need to make a persuasive argument. In this class you will learn elicitation techniques that help you acquire information when direct questioning may cause alarm that prevents you from collecting needed information. Then, learn the best methods of how to persuade someone to come to a conclusion of your choice through indirect means.

1 Hour

Learn to:

  • Elicit Information Like a Pro

  • Gain Compliance by asking Persuasive Questions

  • Be Subtle and Creative While Doing It​

Principles of Interrogation

The most advanced class in interview techniques delves into the psychological aspects of interrogation and the methods of incorporating that information into interactions with a deceptive witness. Learn the most pertinent interrogation approaches and how to implement them in your practice both ethically and effectively.

Note: Questioning in Law, Body Language, and Elicitation and Persuasion are prerequisites for this class as successful completion is dependent on the comprehensive understanding of important material learned in all three classes.

1 Hour

Learn to:

  • Know What to do when Direct Approach fails

  • Take advantage of Psychological Factors at play

  • Utilize information to your Tactical Advantage

  • Win more Cases with your Personality

Learn More

Consultation for Attorneys

Throughout the course of your next case, leverage our knowledge of psychological factors and body language derived from our advanced skills in interrogations and one-on-one interviews. From intake to your closing arguments, we will leave no stone unturned in your fight for your client.

Deposition Consulting is our “Bread and Butter”. Engage our expertise in two ways in order to maximize your chances of winning:

Consultation for Businesses

How can Intellecture Training help your business? Whether the answer is a systematic assessment and overhaul of communication processes, a custom-made training class, or both, we utilize the scientific method in our consultation to ensure you receive maximum impact.


Where does Intellecture come from?

The roots of Intellecture Training were cultivated through a world-class military intelligence training school, hundreds of interrogations, source meetings, and debriefings and an influence of academic knowledge.  While the information received is different in any scenario outside of military use, the inter/intrapersonal factors are consistent throughout all human beings, no matter the culture or language.  Thus, the questioning methods and corresponding principles that Intellecture teaches are exactly the same with whoever you are and whomever you are questioning.

About the Owner

Jonathan Volden, M.S. has over 16 years of Intelligence, Security, and Training experience.  He has a Master’s degree in Homeland Security from San Diego State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University San Marcos.  As a U.S. Marine, he deployed to Iraq twice as a Human Intelligence Specialist where he conducted interrogations, source operations, and tactical debriefings.

Jonathan Volden, M.S.

Get In Touch With Us

Should you have a question or feedback regarding Intellecture Training services, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you by the end of the next business day. To receive Intellecture Training consultation or to host a class in your office, please inquire using the contact form with all pertinent information.  Be sure to ask us how Intellecture Training can tailor its questioning skills classes to your training needs.

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