No information transmitted from Intellecture Training should be seen as legal advice. Intellecture Training is not responsible for how information we provide is used.

Consultation Services:

We operate under the “observe and report” premise only. We are open to answer questions, but it is up to the consuming attorney’s best judgment to understand when and how to properly and effectively utilize the information.

Please be advised that as is inherent in assessing all human behavior, error rates exist. Humans are imperfect and, at times, unpredictable. As we rely upon several points of information in our analyses, virtual depositions have their own set of difficulties as noted above. With that said, it is our job to provide our client attorneys with the best information possible and we take great pride in our ability to do so.

Intellecture Training does not share information obtained in our work to outside sources, nor do we divulge who we are working for if it is not directly imperative toward our work with the client or requested by the court. We act as an agent of the attorney; therefore, we are shielded by attorney-client privilege in matters where the consultation is directed at the consuming attorney’s client.

Expert Witness Services:

As our credibility is paramount, it is important that the attorney does not attempt to influence the best judgment of the consultant. We may elect to sever ties with the attorney or firm if this occurs.

As mandated in the Rules of Professional Conduct, to prevent any conflict of interests we will never work on a contingency basis.

We do not assess witnesses under the age of 18.