Mystique of the Female Attorney

Back when I was in training to be an interrogator I heard many stories of how detainees in the middle east would fall in love with the female interrogators and fully comply with their every question. Information flowed like an avalanche. Fast forward 15 years later and I see the potential for the same mechanism to be taken advantage of in the Law field ...albeit for different reasons than I had originally thought. Any time I hear about the difference between female and male attorneys it’s in the negative. Negative, as in regards to what females don’t have and the challenges they face. What about the powers they actually possess? Powers that their male counterparts are less likely to hold? While women attorneys go to great lengths to reduce the many inequalities they experience in the field, how can you turn those female-specific attributes into an advantage? No, I’m not going down that route. What I’m saying is, women inherently have more advanced mental capabilities in one-on-one interactions such as client interviews or depositions than men. These differences have key strategic value that can change the outcome of almost any case if utilized to their maximum effect. The difference is [...]