Narcissism in Law

Since you were in college, you have known the type. They were the ones that dominated discussions within work groups and couldn't stop talking about themselves in study sessions. Their opinion is the only valid one. Your ideas aren't any good. You have grown accustomed to their behavior and accept it as part of the job. The narcissists must be everywhere, you assume. While that may be the case, law attracts them more than almost any other field. Narcissists choose law as a platform to confirm what they already think about their own intelligence and greatness.  They will go to any length to prove it to juries, judges, their peers, and most importantly, themselves. Narcissism, also known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), is a mental condition highlighted by an inflated sense of importance and entitlement, lack of empathy, and a fear of criticism because of a vulnerable self-esteem that is masked with the appearance of confidence. Key traits of NPD: o They believe opposition to their point of view is a personal attack. o They are not able to take criticism. o Display aggressive behavior. o Surround themselves with people that agree with them. o When they are wrong or [...]