Social Media on Auto-Pilot

When I think of social media I think of a circus where everyone is trying to be the most annoying clown. As much as I like to decline tickets to the show someone comes along and says “Hey, why aren’t you in the ring?!” As they remind me that social media can be a useful tool for business, I dutifully don the red wig, makeup, suspenders, jumbo tie and jumbo shoes to perhaps grab a small share of a sideshow spotlight. I recently attended a conference which had a panel discussion on social media. These people were truly brilliant social media gurus, hence their selection to be on the panel. They had some excellent tips to get more followers and to spread your business’ message. After all, it’s free advertising so why wouldn’t you want to take their advice to maximize this avenue toward more revenue, or at the very least, increased website traffic? However, among their exceptional tips was an overarching and unrelenting message: increase your social media energy. For some, this may seem like an impossible task. To be better on social media almost always means to increase your energy, attentiveness, and time toward it which would require [...]